Been collecting beautiful sky photos for the past year.  Have in mind to do semi-abstract paintings of clouds and light and color. This day was practice… and there will be more. Playing with strokes and light and trying to keep it simple...                 and purposely not finish...  ... Continue Reading →


A couple of weeks ago I had a dream, where I was pouring acrylic on a dark blue canvas.  There was a beautiful burst of light on the left, and a swirly curving line of gold.  That next day I decided to try pouring acrylic… and it didn't go so well. I mixed heavy body acrylic... Continue Reading →


  Two years ago, when I thought to start this blog, the idea was to post pictures of artwork and write about process.  My favorite word. Not. The plan was/is to post my progress… experimenting with new media, new techniques, abstraction, just having fun with color, and even having fun in the process.  Shouldn't be so difficult to... Continue Reading →

Expect the Unexpected

This post has been sitting in my draft box for a year.  I don't know why it has been such a struggle to hit "publish" or want to post anything, but there it is.  Too much a private person?  Too afraid to take a step out?  Whatever... it's time to move forward.  Finally.  Now. In... Continue Reading →

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